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About Farm City Days

In 1971 a group of Allen County Farm Bureau members including Stanley Dreher, Gary Parker, and Leon Catron had an idea. They reasoned that if they brought townspeople out into the farm, they would better understand the problems and concerns with which Farmers dealt with daily.

At the start, it was just an effort to bring people from town out to the farm and show what they did and explained the problems they faced.  Later the Chamber of Commerce and the Jaycees got involved and Farm City Days developed into much more than just a farm tour and parade with the addition of an industrial tour.  


This was held the last weekend in August with a Farm Marshal, and later a City Marshal, leading the parade. The parade, food booths, craft booths, art, games for the kids, turtle races, frog jumps, baby contest, pedal pull, mud races, car show, sweet divine, flying at the airport, band competitions, the plainsmen, and more were all part of the annual festival.  The farm tour was held on Sunday with the Farm Bureau serving beef or pork burgers, chips, and a drink.


A quilt show was added in 1981 by the Piecemakers Quilt Guild. It was first held at Calvary United Methodist Church, but soon it outgrew the space and was moved to the assembly room of the Allen County Courthouse. In later years Lewis Howland had a display of the wooden miniatures he makes in the hall by the assembly room.

In the late 90’s, the date changed to October due to many conflicting events going on in the area in August. 

In the past 45 years there have been many changes in the annual events, more were added and some have been dropped, but the idea behind Farm City Days remains the same.  Bringing both walks of life, Farmers and City folk, together for a time of fellowship and celebration to remind us that we are all part of a caring and thoughtful community we all call home.  

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