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Farm City Days 

MEdallion Hunt

Medallion Hunt Clue #1

"Destined to fight the next evil zero

is the main comic character, the superhero."

Medallion Hunt Clue #2

"If the Flash suggests a foot race,

chances are you'll come in 2nd place."

Medallion Hunt Clue #3

"Once upon a time it was here.
Once upon a time it was there.
Prepare yourselves, citizens!
It is neither here nor there."

Medallion Hunt Clue #4

Without the support of their sibling,

Zan or Jayna wouldn't operate.

"Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!"

Medallion Hunt Clue #5

"Bruce Banner stands just past 5'9" on good days.

Make him angry and he grows,

thanks to gamma rays."

Medallion Hunt Clue #6

"Superman is sure to dot his i's

and cross his t's in order to protect his identity."


1.) The medallion will be hidden in Allen County, Kansas.


2.) To participate in the hunt, you must purchase a Virtual 2021 Farm City Days button. KEEP YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT!

3.) If you are hunting with a group each person in the search party must own a 2021 FCD virtual button. If each person hunting does not possess a button, each individual in the group will be disqualified from winning the grand prize.

4.) Clues will begin Wednesday, October 6th, 2021. The number of clues released will depend on how quickly it is found.

5.) A new clue will be released each day of the week.


6.) Clues will be released at 10:00 am on and Farm City Days-Iola Facebook page. Clues will also be available on the Iola Register when Published.


7.) The medallion is located on public property. ***PUBLIC PROPERTY IS PROPERTY THAT IS DEDICATED AND INTENDED FOR PUBLIC USE*** The intent behind this rule is to keep people from doing things they should not and going places they should not. Use common sense.


8.) Do NOT destroy property searching for medallion. If you damage any property you will be disqualified and have to pay for the damages.


9.) Though it may not be in ‘plain sight,’ You will not need to disassemble or take apart any property to locate the medallion. You will not need tools to find the medallion. You will not need to break or tear up any property to find the medallion.


10.) You must report to the FCD committee as soon as you have found the medallion. Do NOT conceal the Medallion. Contact us at


11.) Do NOT put yourself, or others in harm's way or any potentially dangerous situation. Do not climb on things.


12.) The first person to physically possess the Medallion is the winner.


13.) No buttons will be sold after 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, October 5th, 2021.


14.) Clues can be found on on the home page under the button labeled “Medallion Hunt”


15.) Any medallion hunt rule from the prior year that is not specifically listed in this rule sheet does not apply. (Do not refer to prior years’ rules for instructions)

16.) IT IS NOT AT THE ALLEN COUNTY AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17.) IT IS NOT AT A CEMETERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!