Q. Can a business have a booth at farm city days?
A.  The overarching goal of this committee is to provide an event that continues to grow each year and provide more entertainment and more opprotunities for our guests.  That includes not limiting our services and craft artists that we provide, to only non profit organizations.   So in short, YES all vendors are welcome. 
Q. DO I have to purchase a button to win the medallion hunt?
A.  Yes, if you would like to win the $1,000.00 prize, then you must first purchase a button from one of our sponsor locations or committee members.   
Q. DO I have to show my button to claim one of the many prizes?
A.  Yes, you must possess the winning button with the number visiable on the button to claim your prize.  Buttons that have been defaced or damaged will not be accepted.   

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