Farm City Days Carnival

Come enjoy the 2020 Farm City Day's Carnival! We're bringing in Fun Time Shows Amusement Carnival with 12-15 adult and kid rides, exciting games to win prizes, and delicious carnival food.




Advanced armband coupons are available at the Iola Area Chamber office inside the Bowlus Fine Arts Center at 205 E Madison.

 - Advanced Armband Coupons = $20.00
 - Armbands at Ticket Booth = $25.00
   ----CASH ONLY
   ----Rides subject to availability & age restrictions
   ----Armbands are per person, per session & the same price for all ages
   ----Sessions available for the armband usage:
   --------- Thursday, Oct. 15th : 6pm-10pm
   --------- Friday, Oct. 16th : 6pm-10pm
   --------- Saturday, Oct. 17th : 12pm-5pm
   --------- Saturday, Oct. 17th : 6pm-10pm
   --------- Sunday, Oct. 18th : 12pm-5pm

All rides require more than 1 ticket
 - Single tickets = $1.00
 - Book of 22 tickets = $20.00
 - Book of 45 tickets = $40.00





The 2020 carnival, Fun Time Shows, will also be implementing new procedures to help protect against the coronavirus.

Due to the increase in cases and requests of local health officials, all employees of the Fun Times Shows Carnival are required to fill out a health questionnaire before every working shift to keep the public and themselves safe. This questionnaire consists of symptoms check, if they have been around any sick individuals and if they've been asked to quarantine for any reason.

Statement from the owner of Fun Time Shows

"We are striving, just like everyone who has been affected by this unprecedented event, to work within the guidelines set forth for social distancing and sanitation of equipment so that we can provide Iola's Farm City Days with safe and fun entertainment. We have been working on setting up new policies and efforts to meet health guidelines as closely as possible. The following procedures we're implementing in efforts to provide a fun and safe environment for carnival attendees.

1) Working with the fair boards and festival groups to ensure that there are not too many patrons on the grounds to create an unsafe distancing protocol.

2) We are building hand sanitation posts to be placed at the entrances and exits of the rides as well as throughout the midway. Handwashing stations will be rented as well to be placed on or near the midway.

3) We will operate the rides as normal but load every other seat on the rides where the seats/cars might be too close to allow for the 6 ft spacing.

4) We will sanitize areas that are high use areas, such as handrails, lap bars, etc. We will sanitize throughout the day and evening rides as they are unloaded and loaded.

5) Signage will be posted throughout the midway to encourage patrons to practice social distancing and good hygiene.

6) Employees’ temperature will be checked prior to opening and documented at any time an employee has a temperature (for whatever reason) they will be sent to their bunk and told not to come out on the midway until they no longer have a fever.

7) Employees will be instructed to wear protective face masks at all times while working with the public if asked to do so by the fair board or local health department.

8) Employees will be instructed to stay in the carnival/bunkhouse area’s and not to visit any of the other structure′s on the fairgrounds or festival grounds unless they have been told to do so for business reason’s or we have been informed by the fair members/festival members that it is allowed to do so.

In addition to the above guidelines, we have purchased a system that will fog the area and equipment with sanitizer that will clean the contact services.

We hope that we can all pull together and make the rest of 2020 a safe and successful.

     - Sincerely Clint Payne, Fun Time Shows Owner and the entire Fun Time Shows Family!"